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Sample QR Codes

restaurant menu qr code
website qr code
wifi qr code

Why is it so great?

Quick response codes are a great medium to engage with your audience. We made this tool to help you create beautiful barcodes with a few clicks.


This tool is simple yet powerful and loaded with several features. It's super easy to use and saves a lot of time and effort.


You know what? You can add colors, logos, frames, custom text, patterns, and designs. Match the colors with your brand.


We made this tool for everyone. So, there is no cost to use it. There are no hidden popups, redirects, or junky URLs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Are QR codes free?

Yes, you can create unlimited QR codes for free. Also, there is no limitation or expiry for the QR codes generated with our tool. Moreover, they work for a lifetime without redirection or mid-ads.

How to generate QR codes?

Firstly, choose the type of QR code that you want to create. Then fill up the required fields with your data. Finally, click save and download in PNG, SVG, or PDF format.

Are QR codes safe?

Generally, QR codes are safe. However, some QR codes may contain spam/phishing links for unethical practices. That's because no preview is available for what a QR code might have inside it. So, you should always be careful by checking the links once you scan them.

How do I create a barcode for my website?

To create a barcode/QR code for your website. Firstly you need to select a URL from the types menu. Then past your URL in the given field. You can also add customization such as colors, logo, frames, etc. Finally, download and use your QR code.

Why can't my camera scan QR codes?

There could be a couple of reasons for that. The most common is damage or non-scannable QR code. That's because the QR codes have precision levels from low to high. So, low precision leveled and damaged QR codes become unscannable. Also, not pointing in the right focus area may make it unscannable. Make sure your camera has a built-in scanning feature.

How create a QR code with the logo?

Choose QR code type and fill up the required information. Then under the customization options. Find the logo option. Here you can choose any available watermark or upload your logo.

How to make a PayPal QR code?

It's super easy to create a QR code for PayPal. You need to select PayPal from the available QR codes menu. Then add the payment information such as payment type, email, item name, item id, price, shipping address, etc. Lastly, download your PayPal QR code in your desired format.

How to scan QR codes?

You can scan a QR code with a QR scanner app. Also, some phones have built-in camera scanning features such as iPhone and Samsung. So, you can open the phone camera and scan the QR code without the app. Also, you can use a web QR scanner to scan a QR code online.

QRCodeUp is a simple yet powerful QR code generator tool. You can create unlimited custom QR codes without any limitations. Add logo, frames, colors, patterns, and much more.

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